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April Garden Calendar

April brings warmth of soil necessary for germination of so many things and begs you linger in the garden... for many reasons. The least of which is dealing with the wild things that have blown in to take up residence in your well tended earth. Whether you are growing food or for aesthetic beauty, weeds do compete with space, soil nutrtients, and sometimes, light.

Stop the seed If you don't get them as babies, at least don't let them go to seed. As the old gardening saying goes, "One year's seeding makes seven years' weeding."

April is the month that many countries and religions traditionally plant trees. Planting trees has long been associated with various religious ceremonies and also as an activity to commemorate the birth of a child. In the United States, many states celebrate Arbor Day during April. When you sow out your first vegetable seeds this month, see if there is room for a new tree in your yard, neighborhood, or nearby park.

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