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Soil is the HEART of organic gardening.

Soil and Tomatoes

Kacper is just singing our song! Got this from him in the mail today… “You must see this because if you don’t have great soil, all the other “tricks” I can teach you really won’t mean a thing. It’s really…

Soil, Foundation Of Your Garden

The foundation of any garden, be it organic, container, square foot – whatever, is it’s soil but how many of us actually understand how these soils develop into the different types we have in our garden – mine is almost solid clay It is my frequent mutter that you could take a spade of soil and dump it straight onto the Potter’s Wheel

Being Green, Gardening and Why I Blame my Kid

So often you hear “It is all my parents fault” occasionally I even hear m mother taking the blame for my occasionally caustic personality thought I’m fairly certain I’ve never blamed her for my questionable vocabulary and sharp tongue Not that she is shy by any means just a little more diplomatic.