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I LOVE books. And building a library is so much fun, I mean, after all, you're buying information on one of your favorite subjects, right? I especially enjoy gardening books! The gardening books you'll read about on these pages are books that I own, and have found indespensible through the years, and I still find them that way.

Your local library is a tremendous source of information and most usually have many gardening books to choose from, but if you cannot convince your local library to own some of the garden books that you would like, here are some suggestions for you...

Keep at least ONE good reference book in each area you fancy. If vegetable gardening is it, then buy the best vegetable gardening book you can find making sure it is regional, or at least encompasses your growing area.

I will be reviewing some of my favorite books here. If you love gardening and health as much as I do, I'm sure you'll find something wonderful here... go on ahead, induldge yourself!

Did you know...
In America, we buy 57 books per second?
It would take a shelf 78 miles long to hold all of one day's books.
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