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Our web master, site designer, writer, proof reader, editor, publisher, graphics artist, site reviewer, research assistant, marketing specialist, traffic analyst; chief cook, bottle washer and keyboard duster; grandmother of seven all welcome you to our little corner of the sustainable organic gardening World Wide Web. Okay, I confess. I, Jodi, am 'Us'.

Organic gardening has been an ongoing project in my life since I was twelve and my mother let me dig up a ten by twenty foot section of the backyard to put in what was to be my first gardening failure er, learning experience. My wise Mother knew more about composting than I did. I had no idea I was going to have to save all that icky stuff in the kitchen for that nasty pile in the backyard! Without regard of the reckless abandon with which she allowed me to jump, she turned it into lessons I was never to forget.

As a child, I watched my mother busy herself in her flower beds. And I was proud of our yard. It was colorful, beautiful, and it came back year after year. I watched my grandparents come inside with the most beautiful vegetables I had ever seen... from a spot where there had been nothing just weeks before. (I guess burying the fish heads where the tomato plants were going to go next spring DID help.) I was always awed by what happened in a garden.

I can't say I've always been a good gardener. I cannot say I was always an avid gardener. I just knew that somewhere inside, I was A gardener. I have often been mediocre at best. But I have planted things no matter where I've been. I have watched the way people do things; asked a LOT of questions. I haven't always followed suit... I mean planting beans under the moon light naked in June just really is not my thing; but everyone has a little gardener in them. And this site is built for those of you who know that without a garden we are just somehow, more vulnerable.

I feel stronger when I garden. I feel more accomplished when I garden. I feel more peaceful when I garden. I feel more comfortable in my own skin in the garden. (Just not naked! ha ha ha!!) How do you feel? Does something always nag at you, urge you? ... to go out there and DO something but you are just not sure where to begin? Do you feel there is simply a way to do something, maybe better somehow?

I KNOW that feeling. And I have tried to harness it here. There is a reason you feel that way... it is up to you to decipher exactly what it is that compels YOU, but there IS a reason. Some of it is very tangible. Our food supply is in peril. Pesticides are damaging us in ways we are only beginning to understand. People die every single day by the thousands of diet induced disease. This begs the question, "Is it our food supply?" or "Is it the irresponsible way we put anything down our throat without fear of consequence?"

I think it's a lot of both.

I was at a garage sale the other day and spoke with a woman age 70 plus. She made a comment that has stuck with me for a while. She said, "I think people were healthier when they all had their own gardens." I couldn't agree more.

Years have improved my knowledge and my skill has followed suit. I have moved many times in my 50 plus years and I have started garden after garden. If I'm not an expert on anything, I AM an expert on how to get a garden going, amending bad soil, etc! I've lived in apartments and done a lot of container gardening. I've been very poor (was that past tense? ha ha!) and I have made do with what I found in an old dump I found on the property. My point is, I have covered a lot of ground and hopefully you can benefit from my experience.

My Purpose

My goal is to make your organic garden work sustainable, be more productive, and ultimately more fun.

I hope to do this by...

I also believe in the partnership of gardening and computers. I am truly an organic gardener and I know the time constraints people are under these days. You like to garden, but can't seem to find the time. Perhaps you work in an office and have a long commute home. When you are home, you've got to make dinner or shuttle the kids around to all the things our children are involved in. See gardening with children!

Maybe you live in an apartment in the city and travel to your home in the country each weekend. You love the satisfaction that comes from growing things, or perhaps you realize that a good landscape can add a significant amount to the value of your home AND the quality of your lives. How can you have it all?

This is where I hope to help people just like you. By helping you remember the purpose in gardening the way you do, teaching you techniques to make you more effective, choosing the right plants, tools, and by breaking up activities into manageable, monthly tasks. You can enjoy a nice garden and even have time to relax in it! ~   The largest step toward this goal is the Gardening Calendar, which will help you plan your organic gardening activities.

I invite you to browse around this web site, comments on the blog are always welcome. Be proud of the achievements you have reached thus far and the goals you have set for yourself. You deserve to come home to your own beautiful garden; eat from it, learn from it, grow in it.

Never underestimate the value of what you do.
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