The baby chicks get a new home

Weve moved, change your address books!We’ve moved, change your address books!

This will have to do for a bit. We’re not making really great progress on the chicken coop. Red is still in the chicken run and I don’t trust the dogs to leave him be. The babies are so small, they can escape through the chicken wire. I’m going to have to use smaller wire around the bottom so if we have baby chicks later, they will be safe and sound inside the run.

Still in my small living room. Last time, in the spring, we only had five, this time, there are eleven. This is going to get old really fast. LOL!

The heat makes the smell stronger, faster. At least they are safe from the dogs and cat. Strider (the cat) does like the warmth from the lamp, he sits on top of the crate during the night. He’s SUCH a baby. Sometimes he sits and peeps through the holes. And when the chicks see him, they get really cheepy and run to the four corners. Can you imagine being stuck in a box with two big eyes staring at you? It would creep me out too.

I still haven’t gotten tired of watching them, their cuteness has not warn off… yet.

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