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Dogs 1 Rooster 0

Well, it’s a sad day at our little homestead today. I left the dogs outside for what was to be a warm night. I thought they would enjoy it. Mr. Red had been aggravating the hens so badly, that I had turned him out of the chicken coop last weekend.

Chicken Hawk in the Hen House!

This was WAY weird. I came out to get tools going for about three hours we came up with in the middle of the week to work on the chicken coop and there was squeaking and squawking going on. Mr. Red was jumping up and down, carrying on something fierce. But let me give you some history about that…

Chicken Coop Progressing

What a long day, getting things square against all odds. The entire chicken coop frame was off square from the chicken run due to the fact that I wanted to use the 4×4’s from the garden fence to build off of… seemed such a shame to let all that wood, cement, and hard work go to waste.

Time for new chicks!

Guess what my mother informed me she found while perusing my favorite ag store today? BABY CHICKENS! in the fall no less… I was really torn. Starting baby chicks in the fall… getting them grown up enough to face a cold surly winter. Should I? Mr. Red is so lonely… he needs some more of his own kind. What is a rooster, without hens?

Mr. Red

Isn’t he wonderful? He now has his very own run… no real house yet, but his run is safe and sound. He crows day and night. I have been hoping my neighbors won’t complain, but he starts up around 5am and doesn’t stop until dusk… I mean off and on ALL DAY long!