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Baby Chicks Off the Lights

Okay, the baby chicks are ‘weaned’ from the heating lamp! Yeah!! They are full of feathers, their necks have filled in from their ‘ugly duckling’ look, LOL. They are looking quite beautiful! It is going to rain this weekend. Now…

Chicken Hawk in the Hen House!

This was WAY weird. I came out to get tools going for about three hours we came up with in the middle of the week to work on the chicken coop and there was squeaking and squawking going on. Mr. Red was jumping up and down, carrying on something fierce. But let me give you some history about that…

Dog Eats Chick

Okay, dogs gotta eat. But I feed them well, I feed them ‘good’ dogfood. I spend entirely too much money on it. Fresh chicken was not what I had in mind.