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Chicken Laying Nests

One of the most critical pieces of a new chicken coop is how and where to build the laying nests! This is important because if you don’t give attention to a few, but basic rules, you have a healthy chicken…

The ROOF is on the Chicken Coop

From the chicken run side closest to the house you can see how much progress we’re making! I will be able to go in the gate and be out of the rain and they will have some shelter from the rain and still be able to be outside… so long as the rain is not blowing sideways.

Chicken Coop Progressing

What a long day, getting things square against all odds. The entire chicken coop frame was off square from the chicken run due to the fact that I wanted to use the 4×4’s from the garden fence to build off of… seemed such a shame to let all that wood, cement, and hard work go to waste.

The baby chicks get a new home

This will have to do for a bit. We’re not making really great progress on the chicken coop. Red is still in the chicken run and I don’t trust the dogs to leave him be. The babies are so small, they can escape through the chicken wire.

Time for new chicks!

Guess what my mother informed me she found while perusing my favorite ag store today? BABY CHICKENS! in the fall no less… I was really torn. Starting baby chicks in the fall… getting them grown up enough to face a cold surly winter. Should I? Mr. Red is so lonely… he needs some more of his own kind. What is a rooster, without hens?

Mr. Red

Isn’t he wonderful? He now has his very own run… no real house yet, but his run is safe and sound. He crows day and night. I have been hoping my neighbors won’t complain, but he starts up around 5am and doesn’t stop until dusk… I mean off and on ALL DAY long!

Chicken Run Complete

This is where I sit and take a break in between digging post holes and stapling wire. This was so much fun doing with the girls. Well, at least two of them showed up for the hard work. 😉