Still January

Today I went outside to find the slightest whiff of spring in the air… or was it just wishful thinking? After checking with the online weather report, I realize it is probably wishful thinking and that peas will not be in the ground quite as early as I had at first hoped. It is going to RAIN. <sigh>

The heirloom seeds have been ordered. The seed trays have been dusted off in the greenhouse, found their├é┬átables and are ready to plant. I wash them with castile soap, but you can also use a 3% bleach solution. ALWAYS start with things as clean as you can get them… especially if your supplies have sat around in a moist greenhouse all winter.

I’ve heard that when the whippoorwill sings, it is time to begin <a href=””>planting brassicas</a> (see cruciferous – cabbage, brussell sprouts, broccoli) Gladys Tantaquidgeon in “Folk Medicine of the Delaware and the Algonquin Indians” says “the first cry of the whippoorwill in the spring marks the time to plant corn.” Regardless of what guidelines you use, it’s almost time!!

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