The Benefits of Organic Composting

  • Produce your own rich, beneficial soil additive
  • Discard less garbage and pay lower garbage bills
  • Conserve earth's resources
  • Protect and improve your environment

Use compost on your yard and garden to improve your soil:

  • Compost returns nutrients to the soil such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron and boron
  • Compost improves the texture or "tilth" of the soil providing: - Easier cultivation
    - Better water retention in loose or sandy soils
    - Better drainage in clay or other heavy soils
    - Less plant distress from over wet or over dry conditions
    - Healthier plants which require far less commercial chemicals
    (fertilizers, pesticides etc.)
  • Compost reduces soil diseases by feeding the soil a balanced diet

Compost is an attractive and valuable mulch that:

  • Promotes weed and erosion control
  • Protects plant roots from sun and wind damage
  • Conserves water

Make and use compost at home -

  • Lower garbage bills
  • Free soil additive, replacing most yard and garden chemicals
  • Lower water bills
  • Less work weeding
  • A feeling of achievement when your yard and garden are more attractive and you are doing your part to save resources - and replenish the earth

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