Organic Squash Bug Control

I am not, I repeat NOT going to be overrun again this year by squash bugs!

And finally, plant things like alyssum, calendula, daises, dill, fennel, and mustard greens near your squash and cucumbers. Their small, pollen-and nectar-rich flowers will attract the Tachnid fly, an especially beneficial beneficial insect that preys on squash bugs.

And for those of you who would like to know more about organic methods to control here’s an article from ATTRA that I found very helpful.

Farmers in Oklahoma and Arkansas are recording record numbers of squash bugs. They are the ones who are the most concerned with the current stink bugs tomatoes problem, but it is something that should be concerning fruit farmers all over the United States. The stink bug has very few natural predators and is finding plenty to eat, as a result their rates are increasing. The increase in insects means that the insect is going to continue to spread until it ranges across the entire United States.

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