Mooooooom! Can we get some baby chicks?

Okay. So I moved to town. I sold out… through no real choice of my own (long story) I moved from out in the country with five acres and a large home to a small town. Yes, we are large enough to have a ‘Wal-Mart’ and we recently even got our own Lowe’s store… wow. But Atwoods is still my favorite hardware/garden parts/camping stuff/ all around urban homestead place to shop. And they also happen to be the only place in town that sells baby chicks in the spring. And I took these girls shopping with me because why? ERrrrr.

But they WERE cute… SO cute. I asked, “Will you build them a pen?”

“ooooooooh YES!” they answered.

Will you FEED them?

“But of course!” Came the reply.

Now let’s think about this for a minute. My daughter was just graduated from High School. For all intents and purposes on her way to seek her fame and fortune. Everyone KNEW, JewMom (that’s what they all call me) would take care of them. After the daughter was gone, so would be the friends… <sigh> still I said yes.

I MISSED my life on my more rural homestead. I missed having chickens in the yard. Well, okay, I didn’t miss stepping in chicken poop, but I DID miss their clucking about sticking in their noses in everything wondering what I was doing every minute I was outside. I missed the fresh eggs. And what is an urban homestead without chickens anyway?

So we are now the proud owners of five little baby chicks. Two red sex links, two Americaunas, and one something or another breed, I have NO idea. For the record, we bought pullets, sexed chicks… All hens. One can only hope and pray that some child didn’t pick up a chick from the straight run cage and put it back in the pullet box.

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