Having a problem with slugs in your garden?

Solve it by appealing to their problem drinking.

If you have slugs in your garden, there is a natural, organic way to decrease their population and increase the life of the plants that those slimey creatures so love to eat: lure them into beer traps and drown them. Slugs are attracted to beer for the combination of yeast and the carbonation .

  • Beer used to attract slugs (and ultimately drown them) is an organic way to reduce slug populations.
  • Other beneficials like frogs and earthworms won’t get caught in the crossfire like they do in commercial preparations. Poison baits that include metaldehyde (Deadline) and methiocarb (Mesurol) are harsh chemicals and are not always successful anyway.

There’s only one real downside to this idea.. slugs like the plants just as much as the beer so this common trick doesn’t always work for me. It takes consistant attention. If you want the alchoholic slug thing to work, you have to stay on top of it and refresh the beer daily in order to keep luring the slugs away from your plants.

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