What To Store In A Root Cellar

Vegetable Ideal Storage Temperature (F) Relative Humidity (percentage) Average Storage Life
Beets32951-3 months
Cabbage3290-953-4 months
Carrots3290-954-6 months
Celery3290-952-3 months
Garlic3265-706-7 months
Horseradish30-3290-9510-12 months
Jerusalem Artichoke31-3290-952-5 months
Onions3265-705-8 months
Parsnips3290-952-6 months
Potatoes38-40905-8 months
Pumpkins50-5570-752-3 months
Rutabaga3290-952-4 months
Sweet Potato55-6085-904-6 months
Turnips3290-954-5 months
Winter Squash50-5570-753-6 months

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