Gardening Projects for Children

  • Make a Mini Greenhouse
    As gardeners, what is happening with the weather is very important to us, because it can affect the plants we grow. If we know that bad weather is expected - a frost or high winds for example, we can take steps to protect some of our more tender plants. It is easy to make a barometer of your own to help forecast the weather - you might even be better at it than the weather bureau!

  • children gardening
  • Make a Photographic Image Card
    Let us show you how to make very unusual greeting cards, using plants from your garden. You will be taking photos without a camera! Your family and friends will wonder how you managed to do it.

  • Make Your Own Barometer
    Do you like tomatoes? They’re great for making lots of foods kids like, such as pizza, salsa and tomato sauce. Now is the time for getting your tomato seedlings started if you want to be harvesting lots of tomatoes as soon as possible. Tomato seeds need warmth and moisture to germinate. To get a head start, you can plant your tomato seeds in little mini hothouses and then transplant them into the garden when the weather is a bit warmer. Home grown tomatoes taste SO good!!

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The Art of Gardening "Beautifully illustrated and practical Are you ready to take your garden from good to great? Learn how to build your soil...and more!


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Discover how to easily build an attractive and affordable greenhouse that will grow anything in any conditions. Also, building your own greenhouse just makes economical sense. You can build a greenhouse at just a fraction of the cost of buying a pre-built one. Most pre-built greenhouse you buy need to be assembled anyway, you are really just paying hugely inflated prices for the material.

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The book that started a backyard worm revolution! With more than 150,000 copies sold, this is the bestselling and remains the definitive guide to vermicomposting--a process using red worms to recycle human food waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants. Author Mary Appelhof provides complete illustrated instructions on setting up and maintaining small-scale worm composting systems. Read More...

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