Garden Calendar February


While mid to late spring is the busiest time of the year for most gardeners, there are a variety of chores that I reserve strictly for winter… here is the Garden Calendar for February Be sure to be making your spring order list from your favorite gardening catalogs!

Here are a couple of quick ideas…

  • Spread an inch of rich compost or rotted manure, plus an organic fertilizer, on your asparagus bed, and weed it well.
  • The common, inexpensive, alcohol thermometer often varies more than 3 degrees from the true temperature, resulting in wasted fuel or improper plant growth in greenhouses. To check the accuracy of a thermometer, immerse it in a container of crushed ice and water for 3 to 4 minutes. Any deviation from 32 degrees F can then be marked on the scale, or the tube may be moved up or down to match the 32 degree F reading.
  • Assess the energy efficiency of your landscape. Do you have evergreen trees or shrubs blocking a window where the sun’s warmth would be welcome? Consider replacing them with a deciduous plant that would let sun in during the winter, but cast cooling shade in the summer.

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