Chicken Run Complete

Seating Space Available

Seating Space Available

Phase One Complete

This is where I sit and take a break in between digging post holes and stapling wire. This was so much fun doing with the girls. Well, at least two of them showed up for the hard work. 😉

Building a chicken coop has proven to be a bit trickier than I had hoped it would be. I suppose I could have skimped on lumber or not sunk the posts so deep and used less cement, blah, blah, but this will last for a very long time. If I ever sell this house, I hope they like chickens.

Where I wanted it built, toward the back of the yard from the house, there is a tree that offers a bit of shade from the harsh afternoon sun. This photo is facing south and slightly west, as you can see, later in the afternoon. So we had to build the chicken coop around the tree a bit. I don’t know why I always seem to have to do things the hard way. But it will look so nice when it is finished.

The garden and garden gate are off to the right. I wanted it close so I can put the straw and pine shavings (or whatever I decide to use for litter on the chicken coop floor) into the compost easily. Also, this location is away from anything. There are no houses close, only a large empty lot behind, as you can see. My hope is that no one will complain for any reason. I hope to set a good example of how to use chickens in an urban homestead with very little fuss or complaint.

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