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Rain Chain from Beach Rocks

rock rain chain

Just thought this was very cool. 🙂 I have some very cool rocks, and I’m simply going to have to spend some time during the winter months making one of these, in addition to shelling pecans, of course! Source:…

Green Really Hits the Roof!

Rooftop gardens is a method of gardening we are starting to hear more and more about. And not only in your typical high rise city, like Chicago’s City Hall who’s gardens on the roof are open to the public by…

Japanese Garden Design

A Japanese Garden is full of mystery, nature and serenity. Just as landscape gardens of the West followed historic points of reference such as Classical Garden Design, Traditional Garden Design, English Garden Design on up threw Modern Garden Design, the Japanese garden tradition has a history that followed the trends and lifestyles of their location and times. It would be very pretentious to copy directly a Japanese Garden for Houston, although there was actually a style of Japanese Garden Design that did just that. We will highlight how you could build and apply the Japanese or Zen Garden style to your own home.