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  • Protection for Spring Bulbs
    Some people describe gardens as paintings -- blank canvases of soil that you "paint" with flowers and foliage plants....

  • Protection for Spring Bulbs
    Fall is right around the corner, and for gardeners that means planting spring- flowering bulbs, such as tulips, hyacinths, and crocuses. Unfortunately, mice and voles love to munch these newly planted bulbs...

  • When to Divide Bulbs
    Knowing when to divide is as important as knowing when to plant!

  • Ornamental Onion
    Allium giganteum, commonly known as the ornamental onion or giant onion, is a great eye catching plant.

  • Iris Leaf Spot
    Heterosporium leaf spot, or iris leaf spot, is a very common disease of iris.

  • Hot Tips for Combining Color
    Often, the color combinations chosen just don't work well together, or they don't achieve the mood you hoped to create.

  • Fragrant Flowers From Bulbs
    The fragrance of the spring or summer garden is a true pleasure. It has sometimes been lost in the modern shuffle, as other flower characteristics, such as habit, color, flowering time, adaptability to local conditions, and ability to resist disease, have taken precedence over scent.

  • Fire or Botrytis Blight of Tulip
    Fire, or Botrytis blight, is by far the most common and destructive disease of tulips, especially in areas where tulips are grown in the same soil year after year.

  • Chores in June Bring Rewards in July One of the delights of the June garden is watching the green shoots of the summer-flowering bulbs you planted earlier in the spring come up.

  • Tips for Bulb Gardens
    We are discovering the many ways that plants enhance our environment -- from cleaning the air to providing a psychological lift after a dreary winter the way colorful, spring bulbs do.

  • Bulbs and Similar Structures
    Sometimes gardening terms can become confusing and lead to wrong cultural practises.

  • Winter Care of Tender Bulbs
    Tender, summer-flowering bulbs will profit from attention as the weather turns colder.

  • Summer Flowering Bulbs
    As you are planning and planting for the summer season, remember it is a great time to enjoy loud, colorful flower splashes in your garden. What better plants to use than summer bulbs?

  • Flowering Bulbs: Culture and Maintenance
    Proper planting and care of your bulbs will ensure that you enjoy them for years to come!

  • Daffodil Divisions
    With the earliest spring flowers, nature has a wonderful way of reminding us that warmer weather is coming soon. Daffodils are always anticipated as signs of warmer weather.

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