The future is rain barrels.

Wood Grain Rain BarrelA rain barrel is a nifty little invention that’s been in use for centuries, but in recent years they have made a come back. High water bills, global warming and water restrictions have all made the rain barrel more than an eccentric gardening help. We predict that in the future, we will see them on every new home. During a storm, even a light one, it doesn’t take much time for a 55 gallon drum to fill with the soft water that your lawn and plants need to thrive. In addition, widespread use of rain barrels would reduce the amount of rainwater reaching the ground and draining into streams and storm drains, thereby reducing erosion, sedimentation and pollution, while preventing storm water drainage systems being overwhelmed. Take a look at this recent article from and see how easy it is to get started saving money while you do your part to save the environment.

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