Could your home support a composter?

Would you be curious to know if your household produces enough compost material to make the investment in a composter worthwhile?

As a general rule, any organic matter can be composted. However, unless you’re a professional, certain contents should never enter your home composting system. Follow these basic guidelines to make the most of your composting system:
No Compost

Composter Beware!
Be sure to avoid wastes that attract pests such as: dairy products, meat/fish scraps, bones, fat, oil, grease, and feces. Also, disease and insect ridden plant materials including weeds and seeds should be eliminated in other ways. In addition, wood ash does not belong in the composter — it can’t be broken down any further and may inhibit the decomposition process of other materials.

Compost Away!
Greens, which are high in nitrogen, make excellent compost material, so throw in house plants, grass clippings, prunings, fruits and veggies, manure, and kitchen scraps such as coffee grounds & filters, bread, egg shells, citrus rinds and vegetable peels. Browns, which are high in carbon, can also be composted with confidence. Add corn stalks, chopped brush, shredded newspaper, sawdust, woodchips, straw, bark and leaves with out worry.

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