5 Easy Steps to Sustainable Gardening

green beans

Sustainably Grown Organic Green Beans

1) Observe your space…

  • Where is the sun / shade? (watch the patterns during the growing season throughout the day)
  • How is the land sloped? (south faces warmer & sunnier than north – use to your advantage!)
  • Is it windy? (plant some trees or shrubs to act as a windbreak!)

2) Think about what you like to eat and see…

  • plant some of your favorites!
  • choose varieties that are suited for your climate (local garden stores usually specialize in these!)
  • plan plantings that compliment each other (grow sunflowers as a trellis for pole beans!)

3) Soil is the start…

  • work soil in spring only when it begins to dry (not when soggy—you’ll lose important soil structure!)
  • add Organic Matter!
  • add Organic Matter!
  • add Organic Matter!
    (…in the form of COMPOST—from kitchen scraps!…in the form of manure—complete the cycle!)
  • do not forget…your soil is LIVING!

4) Water is essential…

  • overhead sprinklers work, but…can encourage some plant diseases…can be wasteful of water resources!
  • try “drip-irrigation” (an easy way is in the form of “soaker hoses”…cheap, yet effective!)

5) Plant wisely…

  • rotate the place where you plant things each year (discourages some plant diseases!)
  • use mulches (leaves, straw, clippings…) or plant cover crops between rows (will discourage weeds!)
  • plant cover crops in winter (crimson clover is nice—adds Nitrogen, can buy seed in bulk for cheap!) to protect soil from erosion…to add nutrients back to the soil!

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